If you have been building your business for a little while, you might be wondering…. Am I running this business or is the Business running me?!

That is exactly how I felt last week. I was stuck in this thought loop where I was telling myself: There is so much I have to do and I don’t want to do any of it.

My thoughts were having a little party in my head. Thoughts like:

  • I have a ton of things that I have to do for the business!
  • How will I get everything done?
  • What should I be doing FIRST?
  • Maybe I should work longer/more hours.
  • None of this is fun.

And I was right.  Not.  Fun.  At.  All.

The reason I had lost the joy in my “tasks” is because of my thoughts about it.

I was telling myself that I HAD to do all these things.  That there was a “right” way to run my business. That I had to make up for the time I had lost the last 2 weeks.

But those are lies.

There are many ways to grow and run a business.

I don’t HAVE to do anything.  I don’t have to blog, post on Facebook, show up to my Group, coach clients, brush my teeth, or even buy groceries to feed my family.  I do NOT have to do any of it.

I always have a choice.  I am not a victim of my life.  I am in charge.  I run the show.  I decide what I spend my time doing.

As soon as I am honest and remind myself of this, I start to feel better.  Instead of pouting or resisting these tasks, I merely have to ask myself – “What do you CHOOSE to do right now?”  And I almost always choose to follow my calendar/schedule.  Because these are the things that are getting me closer to my goals.  These are the tasks that require me to evolve, to grow, to become a better version of myself.

I choose to continually improve. I choose to be of service to those who want and need my help.  I choose to put myself out there and risk rejection.  I choose my actions. I choose my results.  I choose my thoughts.

I also choose to let go of the things that pull me away from my goals.

How often do you exercise your right to choose? What do you do that you believe is not a choice? Whatever it might be, remember you always have a choice.  You might not like your options, but you always get to choose. <3   Own it.


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About the Author Rebecca

I am a life long student who loves to spend time with my family, play sports, act silly and have fun. My experiences have shaped me into a strong, focused and compassionate coach who desires to help others. I love hard, work hard, read too much, and have many exciting ideas. I truly believe I have no limits.