This was supposed to be fun
If you have been building your business for a little while, you might be wondering…. Am I running this business[...]
What’s New and What’s coming up
            I think you are amazing.  I am so grateful and blessed with all of[...]
My BEST Self-Coaching Tool
If you have been following along, you have seen me talk about “thoughts”…. A LOT! You might even think that[...]
Make a Plan, But Stay Flexible
            Yesterday, I sat down and made a plan for today.  I woke up knowing[...]
Love What You Have
I ran into my cousin and his wife while we were camping.  They had recently purchased a camper and were[...]
What To Do When You Slip Back into Old Habits
What happens when you have a goal, but notice that you are slipping into your old habits? Some of you[...]
Life Coaching From an 8 Year Old
My son is 8.  He is in 2nd grade.  He is an excellent student….but happens to be a little talkative[...]
Who’s Responsible For Making Me Feel This Way?
Spoiler alert: it’s YOU. Yep, I am not afraid to say it. You might be rolling your eyes and trying[...]
Worry is Wasteful
Wasteful? Yes! It wastes your time, your energy and your focus. Here is my most recent affair with worry. A[...]
How My Weight Affects My Business
            I have 3 big goals this year. Increase the income from my business by[...]
Why You Need Your Own Space
    What does it take to be successful at working from home? Rule #1 is – DEFINE YOUR WORKSPACE[...]
And we are OFF……to a rocky start
Have you recovered from the holidays yet?  I am beginning to.  There was so much that happened in December that[...]
Setting Business Goals
I know this is a tough week for most of us, but that doesn’t mean we should completely let our[...]
Agree to Disagree
            As we put the finishing touches on the tree, bake our cookies and buy[...]
Am I making the right decisions?
  As a wife, mother and entrepreneur I have a LOT of decisions to make. I have not always been[...]
How to Stop Spinning Out Over Your Business
  Deciding to start a business form home can be an exciting and scary. I had a lot of fears[...]
Have the Kind of Holiday You’ve Always Wanted
            It is always so interesting to me how I have my mini epiphanies. This[...]
The Unexpected Guilt of a Work At Home Mom
It was so exciting when I decided to work from home. It was perfect. I could contribute to the world,[...]
Don’t Grow Up Too Fast
Every year, my kids’ birthdays are a reminder of just how fast they are flying through their childhood. I have[...]
Poisonous Thoughts
A poisonous thought is a thought that seems innocent and pretty and nice, but actually causes you suffering. Because they[...]
What’s Your Story?
What would you tell me if I asked you to tell me the story of your life? Where would you[...]
What’s Holding You Back?
Ever wonder why you can’t get the results you want in your life? How do some people seem to be[...]
I don’t know about you, but for me, this one word has been the source of a lot of internal[...]
Biscuits & Gravy with no Apologies
  Do you ever let someone “get into your head?” Can the smallest comment send you into a tailspin? It[...]
When it doesn’t go as planned…
No matter what you are thinking about or already working towards, just know that it is going to get tough.[...]
Who am I?
I have always thought that I knew who I was. In high school I was an athlete, during college I[...]
Mom Guilt
Somewhere along the line we developed this dirty little habit of “mom guilt”. We tend to feel guilty about EVERYTHING![...]
Self-belief is the ability to trust yourself and having faith in your judgment, skills and yourself as a person. It[...]
As I was preparing for this blog post, I was surprised at the definition of self-esteem. The definition is 1)[...]
Self-Respect is defined as 1) pride and confidence in oneself, 2) a feeling that one is behaving with honor and[...]
The Art of Self-Acceptance
Self-acceptance is defined as the acceptance of self in spite of deficiencies. In other words it’s the ability to love[...]
Control Other People
I have spent a good portion of my life trying to control other people. I know exactly how they should[...]
Resolutions – Do you make them or break them?
I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions. I love the idea of a fresh start, getting motivated, committing to goals[...]
What’s New in 2016?
I want to give you a glimpse of what I have planned for 2016. This year you can expect to[...]
Are You Worth It?
How many times have you asked this question? I have wondered this countless times. But here is the truth. YES,[...]
Decision Fatigue
Yes, it is real and it refers to the phenomenon that your decision making ability is not endless, but rather[...]
Picking up the Pieces
When life gets hard, we have to stop and pick up the pieces.   We have all been there, sometimes[...]
Laundry the Easy Way
Laundry….love it or hate it? I am part of that small percentage of people who like it. I know, I[...]
I want to talk to you about choices today. We all have “choice” in our lives. Sometimes it is easy[...]
Attitude of Gratitude
Why I am grateful for gratitude. Since we are just coming out of our Thanksgiving weekend, I have been thinking[...]
How to Say No
How to say No I often find myself being asked to do this, take on that, or volunteer for another[...]
Papers Piling up?
Buried in Piles of Paper?   I was! Multiple piles of papers cluttered my counter tops daily. These piles haunted[...]
Creating Systems
Creating Systems How does she do it? She always manages to have a clean home and her laundry is always[...]
Finding Your Purpose
Finding your Purpose Finding your purpose sounds so stuffy doesn’t it? But weren’t we all put on Earth for a[...]
The Chaos of an Empty House
The Chaos of an Empty House   Here is the story of my difficult adjustment to having all my kids[...]
The Secret Ingredient. Don’t skip this step!
The #1, Top, Most Important, (you don’t want to miss this) step for Personal Development.   Love yourself! Okay, so[...]
Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs
Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold us back or constrain us in some way. You can be fostering limiting beliefs[...]
The Blog Begins!
Here it is! I am starting a blog. There is such a rush of emotions to begin something new. Since[...]

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