I think you are amazing.  I am so grateful and blessed with all of your support that I wanted to do something just for you.

I started thinking about the people I want to help the most and what I could give them that could change their world.  And the answers came to me.

I am a life coach that helps Small Town Moms create Big City income but not at the expense of their family.

My passion is in helping Small Town mom’s start and/or grow their home based businesses.  And what do these women need? SUPPORT!  And so I have created a facebook group to gather these women together and to teach them how to overcome the obstacles associated with working from home AND the added challenges of building a business in a small town.

Here is the Name and Description of my NEW and FREE Facebook group:


Small Town Business Mom’s:

The Struggle is REAL!

You thought the 9-5 was hard. But now you are running your home based business while still trying to manage your household and family life. Who wouldn’t get overwhelmed?!

But to top it all off, you live in a small town with little resources, a limited customer base, small minded attitudes and you are not taken seriously (by your family or your friends).

You feel like you just don’t fit in. You are a small town woman who wants more than your small town offers.

This group is an environment where we
• Support each other
• Network
• Test ideas
• Ask questions
• Help others
• So much more

Don’t worry about which stage you are currently working on in your business. You will find the help and encouragement you need if you have just an idea or if you are a seasoned Boss Lady.

But we work on SO much more than your business. As wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and entrepreneurs, all parts of our life intertwine. So even though we will talk about business a lot, this group is a place to work on anything we are struggling with. Kids playing on their devices too much? Ask the group for help. Want to learn more about blogging? Perfect. Is your mother-in-law critical of you? We know how to fix that. You get the idea.

This is NOT a place to pitch your services. Let’s keep the feed filled with help and encouragement. Know someone that would be a perfect fit for another group member? Chances are we know someone that is perfect for YOU. That is the beauty of this amazing network we are creating.



I am so excited to offer this group to you.

Join us here.


I am also working on offering

  • A free group coaching call
  • A new and improved program
  • A live event

Make sure to get on my email list if you see something you don’t want to miss.  You can do that on the home page.


Let’s take this journey together.  Talk to you all next week!

About the Author Rebecca

I am a life long student who loves to spend time with my family, play sports, act silly and have fun. My experiences have shaped me into a strong, focused and compassionate coach who desires to help others. I love hard, work hard, read too much, and have many exciting ideas. I truly believe I have no limits.