Yesterday, I sat down and made a plan for today.  I woke up knowing exactly how my day would go and exactly what I would get done because I trust myself to stick to my schedule and to get my work done in the time frame I give myself (this took a lot of practice).

But as women (mothers, wives, friends, sisters, daughters, etc.) we know that sometimes LIFE happens and we just have to adjust to what is thrown at us.

This morning, everything was going according to plan….until I left to bring my son to school.  He bundled himself up in all this snow attire and grabbed his backpack. I armed myself with my grocery/errands list, threw on my winter jacket and gloves and headed out.  We jumped in the van, closed the doors and I turn the key……, click, click. The van won’t start.

No problem!  I am prepared for this kind of thing.  I have a battery pack to jump my van and I even know how to use it (I’m becoming something of an expert with this handy little device).  But today, it wouldn’t work.  My battery pack will not jump the van.  This has never happened before.

No time to panic….must find a way to get my son to school (which starts in 13 minutes!).  I quickly assess which other moms might be able to pick him up on their way to drop off their own kids.  I sent out a request…no response.  I decide to text my Sister-in-Law… no response.  I call the school “Ethan will be late for school today, my van won’t start and I’m looking for a way to get him there.”

As all this is going on, I am starting to realize that I will not be able to keep my planned schedule today. I think, “Okay, I can adjust”. And I bring my focus back to the current problem.

I sit. I think. I have an idea…. GRANDPA!  Grandpa works for the schools, maybe he is close.  He wasn’t… but he said he would come and bring him to school anyway.

Shortly after, he gets picked up by grandpa.  Now I am left at home with no running vehicle, with errands to run. After all, Monday is my errand day.  And if I don’t get my errands done today, that means less work time for the week.  How will I make up for this breech of my schedule?

I don’t spend any time worrying about these things.  I just quickly adjust. I need do whatever I can.  I can’t get to the grocery store? No problem… I just start working right away.  Today becomes a work day and the errands will still get done this week. Probably tomorrow morning.

This is the beauty of working for myself.  I can adjust when needed.  And like I said. LIFE happens and I know that I will need to adjust.  Most weeks, this doesn’t happen, but when it does it is no big deal.

Now… I could have let this stress me out or upset me.  My reaction to this “mishap” is all based on my thoughts.

Let me show you how.

The situation is: My van did not start this morning.

My thought about it was: No problem, I can adjust my plans and handle this.

This thought makes me feel capable and empowered.

When I feel this way, I get to work solving the problem. I decide, this morning I will start doing my work that is scheduled for this afternoon and this afternoon I will do work that was scheduled for tomorrow morning.  I prove to myself that I can adjust my plans and handle this.


But let’s play with this a little bit. Let’s pretend that I approached this situation differently.  A couple years ago, it might have looked more like this:

Situation: My van did not start this morning.

My thought about it:  Now I can’t run my errands this morning and my whole week will be messed up.

That thought makes me feel defeated and out of control.

When I feel defeated and out of control, I become reactive instead of proactive.  I sulk and complain about my bad luck. I focus my time and energy being frustrated, wondering why this is happening to me and focusing on the injustice of it all. I don’t start working, I spin my wheels.  And this just proves my original thought that: Now I can’t get my errands done and my whole week becomes messed up.


See the difference? I want you to see the correlation between my thoughts and my results.  They are directly related!  And not just in this case…it is true EVERY time.  No matter what situation or thought you have, your thoughts ultimately create your results. 


When you work from home and you are in charge of your own schedule, things like this are going to pop up.  I don’t stress out and worry because I know that I will find a way to still get everything done this week or make wise decisions on what is the priority.

Don’t let life’s situations throw you off course.  Make a plan, but be ready to adjust.  As a mom you practice this skill all the time, just apply it to other areas of your life.

Keep yourself in a useful mindset. Do you want to be empowered or a victim? The choice is yours.  The choice is always yours.

About the Author Rebecca

I am a life long student who loves to spend time with my family, play sports, act silly and have fun. My experiences have shaped me into a strong, focused and compassionate coach who desires to help others. I love hard, work hard, read too much, and have many exciting ideas. I truly believe I have no limits.